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Square dancing is what this site is all about

          My name is Brent Lively.  I have been dancing off and on since 1974 when I met my then to be wife Terri.  After I started calling in 1999 it was found I had cancer of the saliva gland.  Through much prayer and a great doctor I survived.  After having an operation to remove the cancer I had my teeth removed to help the necessary radiation be more effective with less problems.  During this time Cliff Simpson my mentor wanted me to call with him but of course I was hesitant (after all I had no teeth) but after much prodding I got up at Riverside Single Swingers class and called with him.  After the tip Cliff asked if anyone had noticed I had no teeth and was calling with just my gums?  The answer was a LOUD NO at which point I became know as gumby.  I consider it a privilege to be the teacher for the following club class.

  You will find an e-mail link at the bottom of this page with which you can contact my wife and I with a phone number listed there as well. 


     Rancho Cucamonga B n B's


Thoughts on Getting New Class Members

    Ideas on getting new class members: 

  1. Advertisements - fliers at stores, churches etc. If possible get a name & phone # so they can be contacted before the class begins.

  2.  Demonstrations- Are always good and if possible get some of those watching involved so they can get the feel of how easy and fun it is.  If possible get a name & phone # so they can be contacted before the class begins.

  3.  Banners on buildings, across streets or even on your vehicles.

  4.  But the most effective is the personal invitation:  Here again if you don't know the person or persons you should if possible get a name & phone # so they can be contacted before the class begins. 

Transformation from class member to club member 

 1.  Call the members when they miss a class and just ask how they are doing, let them know you missed them and are looking forward to seeing them next week.

  2.  Angels and leaders should get around and talk to everyone.  This will let them know you really care about them as individuals and are not just looking at them as numbers in attendance.

  3.  Work on club members to attend the classes as angels so class members see a club working together.

  4.  Club members need to dance with all the class members ( DON"T CLICK UP ) and treat them like family.  They need to feel a part of the club as soon as possible.  The sooner they feel like an equal and valuable member of the club, the sooner the transformation to club member takes place.

  5.  The worst thing you can do is let them feel 2nd rate.  I.E. We are Club members and you are lowly beginners.  Remember: they are Now where you WERE - members in transition.


Calling Engagements



  I was out due to a work injury for most of 2014.  Update of places I will be calling to follow soon.


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